A wedding is that most joyous occasion when a man and a woman finally say goodbye to singlehood and join hands in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony, where they are bound together in their vows of love despite all of life’s trials and challenges. After the wedding ceremony, a simple feast, commonly known as the wedding reception, is held. During this time, the bride and the groom deliver a bride and groom thank you speech to their guests.

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The newly wed couple’s thank you speech begins with a simply greeting and followed with a brief yet sincere thank you to their guests – family, relatives, and friends. Here’s an example: “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Before we fill our stomachs, we would first like to formally welcome you to our wedding reception. We hope that you’re all enjoying yourselves on this special day.”

“We would also like to give your our sincerest words of thanks for gracing this occasion with your presence. We know that some of you have come a long way and have sacrificed some things just to be here. We appreciate your presence, and we are happy to share this joyous occasion with you all. Thank you to our families, who supported our relationship from the very start and who encouraged us to begin our lives as husband and wife. Thank you to our friends, who never failed to be there for us during the times when things seemed to be difficult.”

“Thank you also to all the people who helped us with the wedding preparations. This day wouldn’t have been this perfect without your help and assistance. We owe so much to you, so please accept these words of gratitude.”

“You see, it means so much to us to have every one we love and care about gathered here in this hall to share our special day. It’s great to see so many friends and family, and I can honestly say that it would not have been the same without you.”

After you have thanked your guests for gracing your wedding with their presence, you may share with them brief anecdotes about how your romance blossomed, or you may propose a toast which is a perfect way to end a bride and groom thank you speech.

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